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There are now two components via which entrepreneurs have been selected into one aimed at start-ups backed by a business incubator or university and the other aimed at owner-funded and operated businesses. 

Under the first one mentioned, Quebec Government will select entrepreneurs who:

  • Have a passing score under the Quebec Economic Class selection grid; 
  • Settle in Province to operate an enterprise which the entrepreneur will create, by himself or with others, and that he obtains an offer of service from an enterprise accelerator, incubator or a university entrepreneurship center. 

Under the second component, the Quebec government will select a foreign entrepreneur who:

  • Holds and controls, alone or with accompanying spouse, at least 25% of the equity of the enterprise he or she creates or at least 51% of the equity of the enterprise he or she acquires. Note that the value of that participation must be equal to or great than the amount that must serve to start up the business; 
  • He or she manages the enterprise or participate actively as an associate daily ops of the enterprise; 
  • Provides a start up deposit of $300,000 (If settle in Montreal) or $200,000 (if settles outside of Montreal); 
  • Get a passing score under the Entrepreneur Program selection grid; 
  • Detains a minimum of $900,000 of financial resources.