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Individuals coming to Canada as permanent residents or temporary foreigner with work permit are allowed to bring their dependents, including all dependent children to Canada with them. However, there may be circumstances wherein the individuals are not able to bring them along at the time of immigration. For such families with dependent children abroad, the Government of Canada has created a special immigration stream – Dependent Children sponsorship visa under the Family Class Visa category to facilitate the entry of dependent children into Canada to live with their families. 

Eligibility Criteria for Family Class Dependent Children Sponsorship Visa 

To be eligible to apply under the Family Class Dependent Children sponsorship visa category, the applicants must fulfill the below mentioned eligibility criteria: – 

  • They must be less than 19 years of age 
  • They must not be a spouse or common-law partner, 
  • They have been pursuing full time education since before the age of 19 and have majorly been depended on the financial support offered by their parent since that time. or 
  • They are 19 years of age or above and have been dependent on the financial support offered by their parents since before the age of 19, and are unable to support themselves financially due to a mental or physical condition. 

Proof of relationship 

While applying for Family Class Dependent Children sponsorship visa, it is essential that the sponsored person must be either: 

  • the biological child of the parent(s). In case the child has been adopted by a person other than the common law partner or spouse, or 
  • the adopted child of the parent(s). 

Eligibility Criteria for Sponsors 

In order to be eligible to become a sponsor of a dependent child, the sponsor must be:- 

  • a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. 
  • 18 years of age or above. 
  • able to meet the income guidelines 
  • able to support the sponsored dependent child financially. This lasts for 10 years or until the child attains the age of 22 years, whichever comes first. 

Permanent Residency 

There are mainly two stages involved in the process of a sponsored dependent child gaining permanent residency in Canada. 

Stage 1 – As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, a sponsor must apply for the sponsorship of his/her dependent children 

  • TheCase Processing Centre (CPC) of Canada will process the sponsor’s sponsorship application. 

  • The CPC will intimate the sponsor about approval or refusal of their sponsorship application by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). 

Stage 2 – The dependent children must apply for permanent residence. 

Note: It is essential that a sponsor must send both – the sponsorship application and the permanent residence application for the sponsored dependent at the same time. 

After Sponsorship 

Children sponsored through the Family Class Dependent Children sponsorship visa category receive an unconditional Canadian permanent residency status and gain the right to study and work in Canada. 

Processing times 

The Government of Canada believes in keeping families together whenever possible. Because of this, the processing of applications under the Family Class sponsorship visa programs is given highest priority at the Canadian immigration visa offices. 

The approximate processing time of a Family Class Dependent Children sponsorship visa is 16 months. However, processing times are subject to extension in the event of incomplete forms, lack of relevant documentation or longer verification times due to economic or political situations.