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Citizenship Through Permanent Residency 

Canadian Citizenship is a coveted status. Applicants who are lawful permanent residents or have certain ties to Canada can apply for permanent citizenship and procure a Canadian passport. Obtaining the citizenship is first formal procedure towards becoming a Canadian citizen. Applicants should be prepared to pledge of citizenships, before receiving the certificate of Canadian Citizenship. If the applicants are permanent Canada residents with specified criterion, then they have an advantage. The criterion includes specific age, time spent in Canada, character, language and essentially familiarity of Canada requirements. 


Citizenship Through Permanent Residency Basic Requirements

In order to be recognized as Canadian citizen through this program, applicants must have lived at least 18 years of age (or 14 years or older with parent). It is essential that applicants should not be treated as a security threat to other citizens or possess a criminal history. They should hold Canadian permanent resident status and fulfill the residency requirements for time lived in Canada. Applicant should have acquired a working knowledge of either English or French. In addition they will have to undertake a test to confirm their knowledge on basic facts about Canada and its citizenship. 

Citizenship Through Permanent Residency Entitlements

When applicants are issued the Citizenship Through Permanent Residency visa, they may be allowed to stay and work in Canada; they can also avail rights of equality, legal, mobility, aboriginal peoples’ rights and the right to peaceful assembly. Moreover, they also earn a right to vote and can express their opinion in the political leadership of Canada. This program, also offers an opportunity to applicants to apply for Canadian passport. Applicants will have to obey country’s law as any other resident and enjoy their freedom while respecting others’ rights. They should also be a part of the community and care for and protect our heritage and environment, eliminate discrimination and injustice.