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Post-Graduation Work Visa Assistance 

Foreign students who wish to pursue career in Canada can also apply for Post Graduation Work visa. Essentially the applicants should be graduating from a participating post-secondary Canadian institution. This program offers the qualified students opportunities to acquire work experience related to their field of studies. The visa holder can utilize the gained knowledge in the Canadian labour market. 

Post-Graduation Work Visa Basic Requirements

In order to be permitted the Post-Graduation Work visa, applicants should have studied full-time at a participating institution for at least 8 months. Applicants should have satisfactory academic standing and should have applied for the off-campus work permit program at a participating institution. They should hold a graduation degree from an eligible institution. 

It is also mandatory that applicants should have applied for a work permit within 180 days of receiving confirmation of meeting the requirements for completing the requirements for the program. In any case, if required, applicants should fulfill the conditions of their study and work permit. Importantly, they should be able to produce a valid work permit. However, applicants should be from eligible Canadian institutions to apply for this visa. 

Post-Graduation Work Visa Entitlements

On approval the Post-Graduation Work visa holder is entitled to live and work in Canada for a definite duration of 8 – 36 months. The visa holder may be dependent on a specific job offer; however, he has the option to apply for visa extension, if he wants to continue working in Canada. While in Canada, applicants’ spouse and children may be allowed to live and work. Applicants may also be eligible for the new Canadian Experience Class program for permanent residence and can apply for permanent residence, by following proper procedures.