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Off-Campus Work Visa Assistance 

The Off-Campus Work visa program by Canada government ensures that bright talents can be retained in the country. This category of visa permits the full-time students, who are pursuing selected public post-secondary education, to work part-time off-campus under an authorized work sanction. Foreign students can use this visa as a temporary work permit. They can benefit from several employment opportunities available without the prerequisite of a specific job offer or having a set of required credentials or experience. 

Off-Campus Work Visa Requirements

In order to procure this visa, the applicants, who are foreign students, are required to fulfill the following criteria: 

They should 

  • Possess a valid study permit and fulfill the conditions of the study permit and work permit, if applicable. 
  • Maintain satisfactory academic standing in a definite program at a participating institution for at least six out of the twelve months before applying for off-campus work visa. 
  • Be registered as a full-time student in a (study) program excluding English or French as a second language. 

Off-Campus Work Visa Entitlements

On approval of the visa, the applicant is entitled to work in Canada for up to 20 hours per week during any academic sessions and full-time during school breaks or scheduled holidays. In addition, this visa can help applicants obtain permanent residence while in Canada. The applicants do not have any restrictions in terms of occupation they choose. Visa holders are also free to choose the organization they may work with. However, the applicants must ensure that education in Canada remains the prime aspect and reason for their stay in Canada.